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Table Top Radios

This page is devoted to the smaller, table-top radios so popular during the glory days of radio. While some of these radios could be found in peoples livingrooms during the 30's and 40's. most were used in other places of the home such as the kitchen, bedroom, and even the bath.

The radios I have listed below are ones that I currently own, or have owned in the past, plus radios I have restored for others. By clicking on the photograph, or the label, you will be directed to a new page with a larger image of the receiver, along with information regarding production dates, tube line-up, etc. Additionally, I have, or will, add notes as to what repairs have been done to the set/s, and what I am planning to do in the future, if the radio has not been totally refurbished yet. Mind you, like so many projects in this hobby, many of these old receivers are a work in progress.


Model11-ABModel 11-AB Bakelite

Typical post-war single band receiver.

 Model515Model 515 Tombstone

Note the color dial, most 515's had only black lettering.



Model1156Model 1156

A solid pre-war receiver in a no-nonsense cabinet.



Model76X11Model 76X11

Post-war, single band, gets played daily.

  Model45X1Model 45X1

Early miniature table-top in bakelite.


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