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Clough Brengle Model 345

The Clough Brengle model 345, was most likely introduced around 1950 or slightly before. This was Clough-Brengle's big-brother capacitance, resistance, and turns-ratio bridge to the smaller Model 330. A full-featured bridge, the circuitry employed was much more complex, had higher quality components, and more robust, than the pre-WWII bridges heretofore produced by the company. Little is known about this particular model of bridge, as none of the existing literature from C-B makes any mention of the unit. This example, an Ebay purchase of several years ago, is missing its sheet metal cover, instructions, and test leads. Additionally, there is evidence that it has been dropped, as there is a small dent and wrinkled area in the bottom righthand rear corner of the case.

Currently in an unrestored state, the unit does power up, but exhibits erratic behavior by the 6E5 indicator. A recap of all electrolytic capacitors failed to rectify the problem. Subsequent checking of bias and associated resistors in the indicating tube circuits, shows considerable growth of marked values. These resistors will be replaced in the near future to restore proper operation.


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