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Antique Console Radios

This page is devoted to those vintage console type radios that I either own, or have restored for others. In spite, and in contravention of, the popularity of table-top radios by modern collectors, the consoles are my favorites, as they epitomize the great lengths their builders went to, in order to make a sale and survive. During the time of their production, these radios were the flagships of the companies who made them. Designed for the parlor and livingroom, these radios were made to be seen, as well as heard. Most of those radios listed below, were made in the 1930 to 1941 time frame, the period after the classic radios of the twenties, and before the post-war era when quality and design took a decided turn for the worse.

This decade preceding World War II, was marked by the greatest economic upheaval this country has ever experienced. Fully 25% of the working population lost their jobs, millions saw their homes foreclosed and sold at public auctions, and banks along with other companies failed by the thousands. The only way any manufacturer could survive the economic maelstrom, was to innovate, both technologically and stylistically, and improve quality to levels unheard of just a few years previous, then develop novel marketing campaigns to inform the ever shrinking buying public about these improvements. It was during this time that the Art Deco movement reached it's peak, the automobile industry produced the classic multi-cylinder Cadillacs and Duesenbergs, and consumer electronics witnessed the multi-band radio and television.

Below you will see a list of photos of some of the console radios I own, along with the model number and a short description of their unique qualities. By clicking on either the photo, or the model number, you will be directed to another page devoted to that particular model where you will find larger photographs, schematics, and information regarding the finer points of construction. When available, the information included will cover production numbers, tube line-up, power output, cabinet style and finish, etc.


Philco34Model 34

One of the kings of the farm radios.



Model262Model 262

A beautiful cabinet, combined with high quality engineering.



ModelR111Model R111

Mine, and a work in progress, the R111 was near the top of the line in 1941.



ModelD1845Model D1845

Low cost post-war radio/phono offered by Western Auto.


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