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As an impressionable 13 year old lad in 1972, I became enamored with vintage radios and electronics when I saw a Zenith console for sale at a local swap shop. The smooth curves of the cabinet, the massive black dial with all of the radio stations marked, and the rows of buttons, all spoke to me of adventure on the airwaves. I had to have it. My constant pestering of my mother finally paid off when she sprung for the five dollar purchase price, and allowed me to shoehorn the behemoth into the backseat of our car for the ride home. In spite of needing a re-capping, the radio did play reasonably well, and picked up distant stations impressively. I spent many long hours in front of that big black dial, slowly turning the tuning knob and listening for the far distant stations such as Radio Moscow, and the BBC from London.

That radio is now long gone, the victim of one of my mother's house cleaning campaigns while I was in the U.S. Navy. But the excitement and awe, the interest, that was instilled in me by that old Zenith, prompted me to begin seeking out these ancient receivers in the early 80's after I had married. And, although there have been my months and years where I have had to take a hiatus in my collecting pursuits due to raising a family, jobs, schooling, and the myriad other events in one's existence that can work to create that tortuous path that is life, I have managed to continue my hobby, and retain the many radios and items of the hobby that I have collected to this day.

Lastly, if you would like to contact me regarding a repair or restoration project, or if you just wish to discuss this fascinating hobby or my website, send me an Email. Just be sure to provide a clear and concise subject line in your message so that I may not confuse it with spam. Additionally, you may contact me at the phone number and address listed below.

Phone: (812) 799-0922

Note: If calling, please call between the hours of 9:00AM and 10:00PM EST, Monday through Saturday. Thank you for your consideration in this request.


2505 Carriage Drive

Columbus, Indiana 47203

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