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Past news items regarding me, this website, or this hobby, can be found below in descending order, latest news at the top. Be aware that there may be some scrolling involved. When this archive gets large enough, I intend to condense the articles into groups according to specific date ranges.

01/17/2010: Have resumed working again on the site after a months long hiatus. Spent a significant amount of time since July of last year working at rural piece of property I own in another county, clearing brush, and fixing tractors and machine tools. The changes today on Thermionic Emissions entails the addition of a photo of the Clough Brengle Model OC Signal Generator inserted at the top of it's respective page, along with a link that directs you to a page containing a large size schematic of the unit. I have also inserted a smattering of text onto the page concerning the history of this device. Not much of a start, I must admit, but at least it is a beginning. If more sour weather comes my way, I intend to add much more content.

05/13/2009: Continued work on the site with a few minor modifications, along with a new addition to the main C-B page. The first alteration was the re-titling of each and every page so that the browser tab text will clearly reflect the title and content of the particular page being displayed. Hence, when you select the Clough-Brengle page, the browser tab reads "Thermionic Emissions-Clough Brengle" along with the title bar on top of the browser window. This is a much better page titling scheme when compared to what was before. Further, when someone bookmarks a specific page like the main site page, the bookmark will display "Thermionic Emissions" instead of "main.html".

The remaining small modifications had no influence on site appearance or content, but did improve overall maintainability and consistency between individual pages. The addition alluded to previously, was the inclusion of the Clough Brengle Model 230 capacitance, resistance, and turns-ratio bridge link to the main C-B page, and the construction of it's associated Model 230 page containing era-appropriate graphics and image of the unit. In regards to the unit's photo, I was forced to once again scan an advertisement image instead of using an actual photograph of the unit in my possession. Still suffering from the lack of a working digital camera. Very little text has been written for the 230 at this point, but at least the skeletal page structure is in place.

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