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Links to Antique Radio Websites

Below is a list of radio or radio related sites that I have found useful in the past. Included in this list are numerous clubs and organizations who promote the collection, restoration, and preservation of vintage radio and television. Just click on the website name to redirect your browser to the selected site.

Personal Collections

Charles MacDonald's Tube Page While not a radio collectors site, it does contain a lot of useful information on vacuum tube types, identification, and brands. Charles also has a long list of links for about any site that is electronics related.

Jim's Antique Radio Museum A nice site showcasing Jim's extensive collection. While mostly covering wood tabletop models, there is a little of everything else from consoles, to boatanchors, to classics from the 20's.

Radioheaven is Ron Lawrence's site devoted to his massive collection of radios, and radio related memorabilia. Eclectic as hell, Ron has collected radios and ham gear from the earliest days of broadcasting, up to the transistor era. If it is about the airwaves, Ron probably has it.

Phil's Old Radios is a well put together site that has a tremendous amount of information regarding the restoration of vintage receivers for both the novice and advanced collector. The gallery showcasing his collection is also a must see.

Star City Antique Radios is a site put up by Dale H. Cook. The two main reasons I like Dale's site is because of his use of the cover from an old Radio Broadcast magazine for his logo, and his treatment of some of the test gear he features.

Radio Repair Parts, Components, and Supplies

Radio Restorers

Vintage Test Equipment

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