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Dedicated to the Preservation of Vintage
Tube-Era Radios and Radio-Related Equipment

Vintage Radio and Electronic Restoration Services

If it is vacuum tube type electronics, I can repair, refurbish, or restore, your vintage classic radio, stereo, or television. And for less money than you may think!

Trained by the U.S. Navy in electronic diagnosis and repair during the 1970's, I have since 1984, collected and restored many types of vintage electronics, from radios to test equipment, for my own use and enjoyment. I am now offering to the public my skills and experience in this field.

From the classic radios of the 1920's such as Atwater Kent, to the more familiar machine-age receivers produced before the war, like RCA, G.E., Silvertone, FADA, and others, I can restore that old set to it's original operating condition!

Let me repair that old radio you have laying in the attic, basement, or garage. Find out what your grandparents experienced when listening to the classic broadcasts of yesteryear!

And, unlike the repair costs associated with more modern manufactured goods, vintage radios and electronics can often be repaired for comparatively little money. Many repairs are relatively simple and inexpensive. Typically, the more common repairs can be effected for less than $100, and, these corrective measures restore the original tone, selectivity, and sensitivity, that was designed onto your radio.

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