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Dedicated to the Preservation of Vintage
Tube-Era Radios and Radio-Related Equipment

The Clough-Brengle Company was formed in 1932 by two enterprising individuals, Kendall Clough and Ralph Brengle, to provide high quality, low cost, test equipment for the radio industry and repairman. This page features the equipment I have collected from this company over the last 25 years, and are photographs of the actual units in my inventory.

Audio Oscillators

Model79BModel 79B

Replaced the OB and the 79A.

Model411Model 411

Last model audio oscillator made by C-B.


Model182AModel 182A

Early 1950's Oscillator.


Capacitance/Resistance Bridges

Model345Model 345

A post-war bridge and analyzer.

ModelZM11/UModel ZM-11/U

Navy/Marine version of the model 712.


Model230Model 230

C-B's standard pre-war bridge and analyzer.


Frequency Modulators

ModelOMModel OM

First of the signal generator/frequency modulator combinations.

 ModelOMAModel OMA

Replaced the OM in a more compact case.


Signal Generators

ModelOCModel OC

The first of the C-B signal generators.

 ModelOCAModel OCA

Replacement for the venerable OC.


ModelOCXModel OCX

The last of the "OC" series.

  Model299AModel 299A

Variable output with adjustable modulation.



Model105Model 105

Clough-Brengle's foray into the small 'scope market.

  Model126AModel 126A

Lower cost alternative to the big CRA 'scope.


Tube Testers and Unitesters

Model125AModel 125A

One of, if not the first, C-B tube tester.

  Model135Model 135

Basically a 125A with an added VTVM. First of the Unitest/Unilyzer models.



ModelUDAModel UDA

Decibel/Power level meter


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